thirty poems number twenty two

no counting this time, and ready

close your eyes
ballet begin

close your eyes

see inside
then move
up from
below two
three and
deeper yet
touch then
so free

eyes closed

something beautiful
remain inside
your eye
you move
you dance
and one
and two
mean every
inch you
swing swing
stretch to me
good that’s good
strong feet
and land
again be
at ease


4 thoughts on “thirty poems number twenty two

    1. Thanks Bridgette. Never gave much thought to dance, especially ballet. But like all things good that wind their way out of the internet, this practice ballet dance session presided over by the dance master’s voice. Near steady, always in perfect time. Just listening made dancing in my head, then to see all the dancers of great skill, but still to see them each as individuals, some few inches difference. On the whole it was greater than the whole. And now me, dance? But the rhyme, the melody of motion is inside my head. And thank you for making me think about it one more time.

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    1. Yes de. Not my territory, but I’m in love. May do a post & video link just to this experience. Think the practice/exercise says more to me than a formal “performance”.


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