thirty poems number twenty five

a ripe peach you’re thinking about
transformation, what you do

imagine water, flat and, mirror like

imagine your breath, reaching into wind

imagine a peach, ripe, ripples kissing your toes

no matter what words, imagine an ocean

imagining you

8 thoughts on “thirty poems number twenty five

    1. I like doing that. One of my “rules” actually. Because – more active/interesting poetically – and for all I know, maybe it is true. Try it. See how it feels (take out “the” ocean, “a” sky, instead just say ocean, say sky). You decide.

      And, being nosy, what ocean part. I’m Seattle now but most of my life was SF to San Luis Obispo, so I know those parts.


  1. Oh, I love this so much. “imagine an ocean
    imagining you”—wow. That’s a provocative and makes me want to write that as a short story. What would the ocean think of me? She’s seem me weep along her shore more often then smile, must she think I’m broken? Does she really know how I release those tears near her because she has the power to heal those broken parts? What does she imagine about me?

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