a particle of life breaking loose

this is not broken, this is becoming aware.

this is not a handle, this is a spout.

drink.   I’ll wait for you.

so far, oceans, not yet born.   I show no impatience.

let me show you how I’ll float in you.   legs dangling.

thus we know where center is.

what was, what is.   I know, we’ll call that time.

four walls and feet.   but please, no roof.

leaving room for heaven to touch our face.

sure, space for doubts and broken toes.

breaking free means yes, starting where you don’t know.

wheels need be reinvented.   counting starts at zero, see.

       second verse.

there is a matter of risk beneath my feet.   some of it sand.

I might not be enough, I might get lost, I might forget, I might run away.

fear is one consequence of being in the garden.   we wonder

is this moment a birth.   is this moment a death.   I wonder too.

I don’t know.   a more common refrain these days.
       a parting verse.
love is a better approximation of truth than is fear.
we move, not knowing where.
image: public domain

4 thoughts on “a particle of life breaking loose

  1. “love is a better approximation of truth than is fear”—wow. There’s so much here. The unknown. The fear. It can feel bigger than the universe, than the stars, but it’s nothing compared to love.

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