more than business

this is my message to you all.   that’s first.   that’s why.

WordPress is rather odd, inconsistent these days.   It is what it is, and here I am, here I stay.   But I want you knowing how much I appreciate all of you.   Said recently, I’ll repeat – I write because that’s what I am supposed to do, but it is engagement with you that makes it sweet.

Hard to log-in used to be with WP.   Sometimes I use a different browser.   Sometimes my comments to you would just disappear.   See some of you have the same issue too.   But now, for me, leaving comments works.   Glad even if I don’t know why it changed.

And today something new.   Got email notice of a “like”, but there’s no like on the blog post itself.   What?

In sum to say, please never feel ignored by me.   I do my best to engage so much a possible.   Worst case – my regular email works just fine.   Go to my About page (the top three little bars) and there’s my email address tucked away.   (I love email.)

OK, that’s my message for the day.   love, neil

3 thoughts on “more than business

  1. I’ve had comments go to my Spam or pending folder from users that I’ve had for years (I make it a habit to check those daily now) and notifications are wonky. It’s part of the charm of WP, I suppose 🙂

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