thirty poems number twenty seven

a very very small instant of truth
       what’s come over me
look, look at the world, all of it

everywhen and everywhere, so

many lives lived and living.
billions.   how could I ever choose

who to be.   but maybe I did.
this one.           me.
I think that was pretty fucking brave all things considered.
postscript.   I do have rules.   my own.   these thirty were unofficially meant to be five or six lines in length, that’s all.   me learning to be brief.   already broken, a little bit.   but now, a BIGGER bit.   but you see, it just belongs here in this family.   so be it, as they say in bible talk.

2 thoughts on “thirty poems number twenty seven

  1. When my daughter was in kindergarten and having big emotions (a theme of her life), I was talking to her teacher about how to separate the bigness of her feelings from my own. I found myself slipping with her far too often, falling heartfirst into her feelings. Her teacher said “she choose you and she choose this path.” It really stuck with me (considering I would not have chosen my own parents), but I think your poem is getting at some truth. Maybe I was brave to choose my life path as is my daughter—as are you. It’s a beautiful thought.

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    1. You touch my heart with your openness. Beautiful. Wasn’t all a certain about posting this poem, but now if for no other reason, you. I am more careful with my heart than I admit to myself, but I’m learning more, to let it be and be seen. Thanks Bridgette.

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