thirty poems

This poem series is now completed.   For any so dedicated or stubborn the entire series is available in sequence without any other intervening posts.
thirty poems is located either in the link here provided or in the blog “book” page main menu.   (menu via click 3.bars upper left of page)

poems 2023.04.09 to 2023.05.12

practice, practice sometimes being the key.   short poems I’ve already written, but there’s a difference when you directly intend to devote thirty poems worth of attention to a specific if simple form (in this instance – a poem of 5 to 6 lines) (usually) (remembering, rules are made to be wiggled appropriately)

the experience doing this poem process has been rewarding, showing me possibilities I didn’t see before.

Of course I hope you will be finding some threads meaningful for yourself.


5 thoughts on “thirty poems

  1. You are inspiring me to try something different with my poetry. Limiting ourselves to 5-6 lines makes us dial into what exactly we are trying to convey, the heart of the matter. I’ve enjoyed every single poem and following you on this journey.

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    1. Thank you Bridgette. I don’t try to get to high-minded about the process. For me, my reward, was having the simplicity reflected back into me. That was an invisible part I get to see.

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