make a loud noise like this

do you hear the plates move?

no, not the ones where you put your food,

the earthen plates underneath your feet.

do you hear the magma cracking rock

moving toward the beach.   here and

there, it wants to take a peek at you.

do you hear the waves when they speak.

they don’t always.   are you there when

they do, despite the ruckus storm.

do you hear the Sun when it shines,

it does you know.   fire makes noise.

do you hear the rain when it rushes

past, teasing your feet to go its way.

do you hear the hillside scrub painting

the air.   do you put it in a jar, then

bring it home with you.   do you?

open the lid.   let it loose.

2 thoughts on “make a loud noise like this

  1. This is such a lovely look at how we are connected to the earth and to each other. “it wants to take a peek at you.” Love this line. The world notices us as we notice it, right? As we pay attention to the waves, the air, the sun, it examines us right back. Your last lines are comforting and a bit of a call to action, I think. We can’t contain what is so big. We can’t bottle it up. We must be with it. Part of it. Within it.

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    1. We are part of it. Only our vanity says otherwise. During Hawaii last eruptions – it was non-native islanders who wanted to figure out how to stop the lava flow, native Hawaiians just said, this is Pele, she does as she sees fit and we love her – no problem. I like them.

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