was it a mistake, I’m wondering

was it a mistake that we learned to speak?

I know, I know, look at all the loving things we can express

but some others too, not so kindly meant.   both, you know.

I observe the critters, a living sea through which we stride,

see how they approach, how they greet with nuzzle and paw.

this is not a solution offered.   it is an observation.

one I might prefer from the inside, looking out.

maybe I’ll just curl up in your lap.

4 thoughts on “was it a mistake, I’m wondering

  1. If we never learned to speak, would we have ever learned to write? In what other ways would language exist? I think of Chimpanzee’s who clean each other as a means of politics, connection, conversation… Fascinating but makes me thankful that I can write a love note instead! However, I do get what you’re saying. Two sides of the coin. Words are both covered in sugar and spice.

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    1. Yes I know, kind of an errant imagining. But wanting we be able/willing sometimes to lean on a pure wordless/mindfulness connection with others. Like meeting a cat or dog – nothing to discuss, just expressive affection. Like that. (also yes, but language is a whole other complex discussion)


  2. What a lovely last image, curling up on someone’s lap to show affection. Words do sometimes feel both not enough and too much. I’ve spent hours agonizing over the exact way to express a feeling. What if we could transmit an idea or emotion purely with touch? If it wasn’t an accidental thing, like a curse where you can’t hide your true feelings, but a purposeful action. Imagine touching someone and allowing them access to a particular feeling. Like telepathy, but directional and conversational. How incredible would it be to feel exactly how your love feels in another’s body and mind? I rather like that idea.

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    1. Thanks Bridgette. An interesting restatement, reconsideration of the wondering I feel wondering about. Probably because I “lean that way” I am especially sensitive to that other way of relating, as animals to human, more honestly than common, human to human. My appreciation for your thoughtful listening.

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