everything I know about vanilla

one.    it isn’t chocolate.

two.    vanilla, not bad ice cream if covered in warm chocolate syrup.

three.    vanilla ice cream is better than strawberry ice cream.   don’t get me wrong, I love strawberries when they are fruit, like intended by god herself.
once as a child a neighbors child friend father gave us strawberry ice cream cones.   I was beyond kinda shy, couldn’t say I was repulsed, but neither was I gonna put that onto my tongue.   only child summer solution, patience, wait for the sun to melt it away.   that – is how I like vanilla flavor ice cream.

four.    vanilla extract in a little brown bottle, I remember that now.   not a baker but I liked the smell, maybe put it on some fabric, carried it around with me for a while.   vanilla smells like promise.

that’s it.
prompt via:   Malenna Karas, Spinning Visions a wonderful young writer writing wonderful words.   smart heart, some would say, meaning me.
     go, read.

original prompt idea by Natalie Goldberg.

3 thoughts on “everything I know about vanilla

  1. “vanilla smells like promise”—I really love that phrasing. Isn’t it funny how much memory can be attached to smell? When I think of vanilla it brings me back to when my children were little and we baked cookies on Fridays. “Always double the vanilla” I would tell them and let each one put in a teaspoon full. I wonder if they will associate vanilla with me?

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    1. Thank you Bridgette. Well, that line was certainly left field for me. No forethought, it just arrived with no baggage to explain itself, but true none the less for me. Actually, it lit at least a small flame for me because I went and bought myself a small bottle of vanilla just to refresh my memory.

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