about more

about me (here, will this comfort you?) and why this new blog.

what if so much had changed there weren’t colors enough to say? you were lost then found, then lost again, you gave away most of what you owned (mostly not the loss you’d think it might be), you carried yourself seven hundred miles from the home soils you’d known since birth, you crossed bridges, figurative and literal, may have wounded some feelings along the way, landed on at best three legs, not four, and you used to write (your purpose being here) and now you don’t. (what’s purpose then?)
what would you do?

words are water. when missing all I have is thirst.

I’ll likely change this as my thoughts rove in other directions, however, now, this.

this blog is about writing, poems mostly, but whatsoever else comes my way will also make this home. there was another blog before this one, (however) times and place (and me) have changed. more simplicity is now my disposition.

this here, what’s in your hands, is where and how I am published.

    neil reid            september 2014

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