bearly audible BOOK one

selected poems 2009 – 2014

I say book, but there’s no pages, no paper here.   Just a gathering.   This early website of mine, bearly audible, involved my participation often in two on-line poem-prompt communities.   My gratitude.   However in the interest of transparency I thought it right not to publicly edit myself.   What I did well, well fine, but if a response fell short or flat – that was still my expression, for better or worse as the marriage goes.   That said, of the over 300 poems posted I’d sooner not pretend to inflict them upon anyone.   So here, by whatever reason I cajoled myself, these are some fewer that have something to contribute.

Each link will present the actual blog posting of that poem in a tab or window of its own.   The order is simply alphabetic (sorry) nothing else.   As always my wish is for you to find something about language pleasing or revealing to you.   I do what I can and the rest is in your good palms to realize.

a practical poem
a promise kept
big yellow bus
Charles, with a period at the end
cowboys and horses
drinking from the jar
girl, bed and bear
goldy bear
hand me downs
how far down does the water go?
how to make water
I don’t do Cinquains
I wish I was William Stafford
if there wasn’t a name for god
if you didn’t have thumbs
left hand draft
Lilac choir
make your own poem, day one
mariquitas gusta comer
mothen wing
poem tales
prayers falling
questions of a Heart
sacred bloody thumbs
saving mother
seven impossibilities
she wears one mask
sister unkept
sixteen thoughts going on six
some hints toward happiness
tempest words
the dreams that grass dreams
the universe begins with an empty face because
things to be left unpacked
thirteen ways to ride a ferryboat
true nature
being a twelve part study
untitled love poem, number one
Uvas canyon fire
winter’s wain
writing blind
writing you