describe paradise

       as in, just another day in paradise.

       no picture, so you draw me a picture of paradise.
       and yes, be sure to include yourself.

describe an ocean

       an ocean is bigger than me.   bigger than my memory, although I try.   bigger than yesterday and that’s a lot.   as big as tomorrow’s tomorrow.   forever, fish in the sea.   forever the top and the bottom too.   we call those waves.   forever making friends with rocks.   forever, sand.   forever wet feet knowing my touch.   all the day, all the night, I sing to you.   listen.
with your finger draw my name in the sand.

describe wanting more

       I want more of everything.   every fiber of everything.   how else could the world be without me, I love it all so much.   I have felt a need to look, to be honest in my observation and how all this lands inside of me.   what leaf is there I don’t appreciate.   it doesn’t even need to come sit in my lap, it can just be a leaf right where it is.   it can even get eaten by a bug.   that’s fine too.   that’s called participation.   he said, with a wink to the lion’s jaw.   in for a penny.   but part of wanting is being willing to let go.   I’ve been looking at that too.

describe love

       is this the easy one.   but oh, so many get this wrong.   they say it’s too much.   they say too small, not enough.   their rules, not mine my dear.
measure howsoever is your desire.   it works like this.   unconditional.
love is unconditional granting of beingness.   you be you, and I’m glad for you. affection is the palm holding this being so.   what’s right is what’s writ.
what’s left is our intent.   we are enough.

describe faith

       I have faith that I am.
       I have faith that you are.
       I have faith that the universe is.
isn’t that all enough.   I have faith it is.   another name is alignment.   alignment with what is.   I also call that smart.
trust.   there’s another word that applies.

describe a face

       couldn’t be closer than rubbing noses with you.   your smile is texture upon the lonesome plain.   wheat in the sun.   wheat in the wind.   I know because I climbed that ridge.   over the barbed wire fence.   small quest given me.   to see.   oh, to see.   open was the word to describe laying there upon the earth.   looking back at me.   never wanted to leave.   one face, one face that afternoon.

describe touch

       rounded, soft.   someplaces more round.   someplaces more soft.
someplaces make you smile.   some make you sigh.   some welcome you home.   some make bread.   some find children.   some, a cat.   some sit on your lap.   some wave, wave goodbye.   some were here forever.   some still are.   some look the way mirrors do.   some have my heart inside.
       when you touch me, I vibrate.

describe Light

       it’s how everything talks with everything.   it doesn’t take up much space at all.   light as a feather.   it’s kind of invisible.   who it is depends much on who’s doing the looking, and how.   what it says is beautiful.   although, maybe that’s just me.

describe paradise…

       you’re standing in it.

       allow a moment for that statement to be like wind.
       then look for yourself.
really.   need we say more.   we do.   we suppose.
alright, it’s like this.   consider the alternative to being here, heck, to here itself.   nothing.   nothing.   at the risk of saying too much.   nothing.   I got nothing against nothing.   rub two sticks together and whatcha get.   nothing much.   OK, quit pulling my leg.   but consider everything, every speck, and big stuff too, like elephants, who actually care what you think, but mums the word.   (wow.   don’t think I’ve ever ever used that word before now, and isn’t mum a lovely word.)   see, that’s just like what paradise is.   that’s the thing when I die, I’ll miss the most.   everything.   so, if you’re so smart, how do you define paradise?   (and that’s a question mark.   and I almost hate question marks, but I did it just for you.)   see, paradise.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama told me so.   well, honestly, he didn’t.
but I bet he would if I asked.   he’s a very good man.

MBA webcam views of Monterey Bay used with permission.
please visit and/or support the Monterey Bay Aquarium.   
they make the ocean more alive.   us too.

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