happy as a clam

       His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama says.

happiness is a sense.   △ a sense of kindness and warm-heartedness toward others.   we are, born the same, die the same.   △ we are human beings.   we want happiness for our lives.

peace of mind, that’s how.   △ it comes from inside of us.


        though it’s late, though it’s night,
        and you are not able.

        Sing as if nothing were wrong.

        Nothing is wrong.


what is the purpose of life.   △ it is, to be happy.   we don’t know future.   hope is here to give good heart.   joy of physical senses is transitory.   joy of understanding, joy of purpose, sustain themselves.

compassion and warm-heartedness △ is how our lives begin.   else no survival.   mother’s love was life for us.   we depend on other humans for our happiness.   △ humans are responsive.   “No matter how beautiful a flower, it won’t react to my smile.”   smile at another person, even an animal; see the most common result for yourself.

wish others to be △ free from suffering.

from compassion we become self-confident.   happiness moves from person to family to neighborhoods to nations.   △ this is how you can move the world.

if you want others to be happy, △ practice compassion, if you want to be happy, △ practice compassion.
all credit to, and paraphrased from an article by His Holiness, 2021.
observations worth seeing.   may we each make this our own.

and thank atoms for gathering as they do, shaping everything from skies to feet.   perhaps that’s a choice they make, a measure of their mutual faith.
       we can but appreciate.
I ASK FOR SILENCE dedication quote from The Hurting Kind, a book of ecstatic poems, Ada Limón, Poet Laureate of the United States.

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