poems landing on their feet

don’t know if that’s true for me.   landing on my feet.   long I’ve felt a resistance when getting closer to personal, though that’s been a desire.
it can be like striding through knee-high water.   matter-of-fact however, times change, and two physical conditions challenge my continuation being here.   regardless how precisely accurate, time is moving and I’d like being as real as I can.   that’s what this gathering here is about, often tagged with the descriptor – rock.   So be it.

meditation-in-writing seems to be a best tool.   so long as I don’t hesitate, doubt, or soften politely what comes into sight.
          most recent update 2023.05.17

2022-12-13 gratitude journals
2022-12-22 catching rocks
2022-12-22 some of the breaks
2022-12-22 something other than clouds
2022-12-24 writing meditation
2022-12-28 closing your eyes
2022-12-30 how a butterfly feels
2022-12-30 a deal with Chaos

2023-01-03 matters much
2023-01-05 another reason for light
2023-01-08 when I didn’t die
2023-01-12 I am this much
2023-01-19 water is my hand
2023-01-23 my star has a tail
2023-01-25 even when words begin to burn
2023-01-30 first light forgiven being bold

2023-02-04 look away, she said
2023-02-21 underwaters

2023-03-03 floatation
2023-03-14 gravity because
2023-03-15 my hands have always been a source of mischief

2023-04-01 these hands, second page