water poems

Any & all posts having anything to do with water in any significant manner.
these listings will already be given in some other selected collection.   this is just a gathering of water kin.   more than simply an engaging topic for me, water, and in particular Monterey Bay, is a nesting space for me.   when I get out of balance in any of my multitude ways, this is where I go to calm and center myself (when I remember I’ve forgotten, you know).
2022-06-30 fragments
2022-07-21 window with water in it
2022-08-04 Monterey Bay for real
2022-08-09 blue water
2022-08-14 low tide morning with pelicans, cormorants, and harbor seals
2022-08-15 haikai no ku
2022-08-25 the pelicans will be just fine
2022-08-31 water is
2022-09-03 morning water lights
2022-09-04 more blue
2022-09-09 becalmed
2022-09-11 a better look on the water
2022-09-15 if you know
2022-09-28 a reason I keep
2022-10-03 sea me change
2022-10-07 Kaisuiyoku
2022-10-12 fog making home
2022-10-24 tell me words
2022-10-27 ocean inside us
2022-11-11 perched on a mountaintop
2022-12-04 ocean deeply
2022-12-28 closing your eyes

2023-01-10 raise your hand if you live in the sea
2023-01-19 water is my hand
2023-02-03 morning meditation, thirds
2023-02-06 illusions inside my pocket