draw a circle, i

do it.   do it for real.   both beginning and end.   how does this act invoke both pleasure and surprise?   close your eyes.   repeat.   see how this arc is innate within the world, within your own hands.   notice left.   notice right.   notice looking-up and looking-down.   notice depth, that Renaissance curtain pulled apart.   learn the meaning of trust.

an apple is a circle examining its spirit.   an everlasting christening of circles inside.   as common, as true as the birthing of a sphere.   as every star.

every one.

how do you see filling the space inside the circle?   how about what you see outside of it?   where’d that come from?   above or below your thumb?

read a blank page.   where there is no ink, meanings remain, having been there all along.   read bright light.   you, you are the shadow, not the page.   read it to forget.   read it to remember.   now read another.

now.   breathe.   now.
learn the meaning, trust.
continue.   trust.