draw a circle, ii, what I did today

I did not draw a circle today.

coffee.   I went for coffee.   sat on a bench outdoors.
wasn’t cold but no clouds as usual.   bright early sun
in my face.   could only look at my feet.

went to buy some fish.   sashimi grade.   but that we
didn’t get.   some salmon, some crab & shrimp.

home.   checked my email a second time.   some poems,
some junk.   I am now two days stride behind.
although I never said I would.

didn’t draw a circle then either.   looked at my
two drafty folded poems.   riding in my jacket pocket
just ain’t helping much.

forgot to eat my pizza leftovers.

ate a toasted bagel, cream cheese melting in.

probably dozed off a little.   don’t remember.

scratched my head.   numerous times.

coffee a second time.   sat on the bench, again.
waved to a young boy with his mom.   look, she
said, he’s waving at you.   I replied.

hello to half dozen strangers, then discuss
education with a friend back indoors.

home, cook the salmon.   she did the asparagus.

eat.   find some chocolate.   else be distracted
more than I am.

those two poems aren’t going anywhere tonight.

how did I ever do this before!   a poem for each
April day?   this is how fish feel with a hook
in their mouths.

so here’s this instead.   anything counts.
don’t you agree?   leastwise no stress in
reading, huh!