ocean inside us

there are tides that draw us toward the Moon.

father mother sister brother.   swimming near.

inside the ocean is our memory.   it moves
as do our thoughts, as our desire also does.

taste the salt that remembers us.

there is a cradle rocking us in our sleep.
when awake we see the color blue.   no reason

why that attraction is a familiar face.
we long for that embrace, those thirsting lips.

when the difference between inside and out
was no drought of imagination.   drink,

that was within reach of our stride.
be filled, be full.   carry the world in water,

in our two arms.


small wisdoms

leave shyness pass.   it is a lie.   neither does it shelter.

be visible.   people will come to you.   listen.   they will be served.

no need to lean into the light.   light will find you by itself.

when you ask, trust the answer you receive.   you already know.

understanding is no requirement for happiness.   acceptance is.

words were born to fly.   don’t keep them in your mouth.

light will fill any shadow if you stand in the right place.

a lie is not a sin, but it is the long way around.