letter to R.

    never sure when being foolish.  maybe always, so it always looks the same?  this letter meant for one specific person.  but I do have a purpose in this life and I would say this to more of you.
    so here… please.

to live a beautiful life, what does that mean?  is it necessarily pleasant from the inside looking out?  still, what a sight to see.  you said yourself, “confronting the wonder of it all”.

to me, to me, that has meaning in its bones.

I try, I’m learning I hope, to sing that experience back to you.  two whale songs in the far far sea?

been a stack of months, my legs dangling over a precipice.  I think my wisdoms not all so wise as I thought.  not bad, but life has something more real, more dear.  I’ll settle for being a decent man.