free moose

I am moose.

I belong to trees.   I belong to hills.
I belong to god.   god made me moose.
      god set me free.

      but not alone.

I walk in the river.   a river made of Light.
me and Light, we are only a blink distant apart.

Light feeds on seeing me.
I am brown.   I am tall.   I have four limbs
      sprouting feet like stones.
Light follows.   gives breath a shadow leaning
      into purpose, like being alive.

as well mother, gravity.   she loves me
like trees, like dirt, like stars.   all night long.
      even in the day, even when we’re blind.

wolves and bears, others sometimes, rarely,
maybe, even you.   you eat me sometimes.
      no fault.   I love, all the same.

Light brought us here.   Light breathes like tide.
      shadow mirrors our direction home.

there is Light inside sky
there is Light inside water
there is Light inside trees, inside grass, inside rocks
there is Light inside a moose.

when there is shadow, Light is near.   no fear.

when you say Light, does Light hesitate.

I am who I am meant to be.   I am this poem.

I am moose inside Light.

      the deeper that sorrow carves into your being,
      the more joy you can contain.            Khalil Gibran

image:   © Delphine Margau,   Delphine Margau Art Photography, France
this image is part of her chapter/series, Under The Woods of Childhood.
kind permission granted for use of this © image.   with our thanks.

please visit her website to experience more work by this exceptional artist and photographer.   her work is also shown on the Edge of Humanity arts website.


                 Under The Woods of Childhood

      What is hidden in the depths of the soul will come to the surface
                                              one day or another.

      Go a little deeper, in the dark, that’s where the light is. If you
           are afraid, then go ahead. Go and join the waiting child.

           Delphine Margau