a brief history of me

I’ve made a bundle of mistakes in life, but I’m better now.
        there, that’s the history.   now to business.

beginnings and endings, they’re nearly the same.

there is no one-way to feel about a life, any life, that stands visible here in front of us.   mostly visible anyway.   by grace we’ll leave the dog-eared pages in peace.   FIFTH day now will reconcile my desire, being here, being me.

two rivers converge.   one from my heart, one from my blood.   a sixth day or more will be one question answered then.   simply close, like this.

what message then?   why am I here?   I do have a purpose in life.
        I’d like you to know.

I spent the better years of my life in resistance where ignorance wasn’t enough.   however, my writing is my declaration of intent, how I want to be, how I am when the chaff is set aside.

my purpose in life is to express the genuine nature of beingness, love.

but why be blunt?   maybe just that I’m unsure how well I’ve done my job.   say before there’s no more saying to do.   I wish you well.   but how you receive that is your responsibility, not mine.   that part I need let go.

        just saying how it is for me for you.

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MBA webcam views of Monterey Bay used with permission.
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