Monterey Bay for real

water poem

a not untypical Summer time view of the southern reach of Monterey Bay.   mystic fog, yes some of that.   common sights include Cormorants, Brown pelicans and Western gulls.   harbor seals sometimes haul out onto the rocks although in still photographs they can be hard to see.
MBA webcam views of Monterey Bay used with permission.
Monterey Bay Aquarium is located in Monterey California housed in a former sardine Cannery Row factory and includes both interior ocean aquatic life forms and a superb exterior view of the bay itself.   This live bay cam view is principally of the shoreline just West of the aquarium and extending to the Hopkins Marine Station run by Stanford University.   This stretch of shoreline is protected space for the local marine life to use without concern for human intervention.   Please use the links above to visit both the MBA website and specific Bay live camera view.   Please consider a visit or donation to support their marine ecological work.
and yes Virginia, there’s more.   when you go to the MBA live cam, included is 24 hour audio of the bay meeting the shore.   beautiful.   good for your heart.   good for you.

a small touch of history

Cannery Row was the one time residence of Ed Ricketts, an early marine biologist, friend to John Steinbeck and mythologist Joseph Campbell, and author of Between Pacific Tides, considered a classic in marine ecology.