you, say the title here


    this one, born but then borne away,
    some tears, but heaven is just like that.

    here, first undecided, then a face,
    gathers then ignites, becomes a star.

    oh and some, many actually, they buy
    groceries, do laundry, mingle into earth.

    beneath our feet, yes, they glow.

    one who says, imagine this, and she does.
    god says stay with me because I forget

    then lightning arms, except very slow,
    time enough to rewrite everything.

    a glint a sparkle a flicker a shimmer,
    here we are.   is this how it seems to you?

    then a tree an apple a snake,
    we know who you really are.

    one more, not special at all, and
    they loved everyone ever since.

    lucky me.   because I’m one too.