home schooling

life is learning.   or a brick.   float, don’t float.

else why not be another thing?   maybe a bird, maybe
a tree, even a fish.   be like the rain.   a billion times.

I understand the high summit climber, the diver
who goes deeper than, jumping from an aeroplane.
       the man who has to touch, everything,
       no matter how close to the precipice.

       just gotta risk being swept away.

       just gotta know it’s all for real.

I understand the risk.   death is only a little thing.
write a poem.   each poem contains one birth one death
and the voice in-between.   just like milk in a glass.

death is when poem returns to a river.   like we’ve
already done, time and time again.

but hey, so what was it like before you were here?
          like that.   not being in your shoes.
we are the bump in the middle of time.
all comes circling back, these questions afore we begin.

      what is this place?
      what are we doing here?
           and me?

          here’s the homework.

ask.   listen.   take what you get.   really.
you already answered.   check your pockets.’

          the dog didn’t eat your homework up.

          yum yum.   you did.