tags like these

poems   is poems (easy huh?)

not poems   not a poem. might be anything else.

streetscenes   mostly simple observational poems, literally written while sitting on a bench along some street. (these were some of the first words to come back to me, working to write again. too simple? maybe one form of contemporary street haiku for me. don’t expect too much and maybe you’ll be pleased with what you find.)
regard them as you would, leaves falling from an autumn tree.

revisions   prior poems from here or before, revised, rewritten now.

very short stories   almost fiction. (didn’t think I had much taste for this form, but kinda grows out from prose poems, so we’ll see what takes root.)

family   you know; about my mother, father and like that. common enough. unavoidable.

words   elemental word-stone poems (closing in on meanings perhaps).

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