words were poems first BOOK two Journals

selected journals 2014 – 2022

Journals. These are new for me, arising from another writers blog I followed. Here was verse story-telling but with a poetic sense of language and story, both. I was impressed. This format satisfied a need I’d felt but hadn’t addressed. Poetic verse, simply said. Here displayed by date chronology.
Mosaic is of recent acknowledgment, for my sense of being broken (physically) yet looking toward a better gathered whole.

2020-09-23 the thing in my head
2020-10-10 say something
2020-10-13 here, swallow this
2020-10-24 must be elephants
2020-10-26 frontier
2021-02-04 Lucky Mud
2021-03-22 relevance
2021-06-19 wayfinding
2021-10-23 unexpectedly
2022-04-13 writing with a dull pencil

MOSAIC journals

2021-09-20 red wagon
2022-06-18 nothing
2022-07-02 ione
2022-07-02 my home altar
2022-07-03 what changed?


2020-12-28 leaves with feet, traveling
2022-06-30 fragments
2022-07-05 monks with dog
2022-07-07 pacific northwest gardening & fishing story
2022-07-08 half a moon