words were poems first BOOK two

selected poems 2014 – 2022

Offered here, the more well expressed poems of this period. Mostly of my own imagining rather than prompt driven as previously. More better poems? By my ear & hopefully yours as well. My wish, that these threads will open other possibilities. Poems here are displayed by date chronology.
Mosaic is of recent acknowledgment, for my sense of being broken (physically) yet looking toward a better gathered whole.

2015-03-27 carnations
2015-09-10 things I’ll do when I master space & time
2015-10-18 a real live boy
2015-11-09 the wish fulfilling jewel
2016-04-13 threads
2017-12-30 twelve
2018-07-11 what to throw into the volcano
2019-04-05 under near
2019-04-12 draw a circle, i
2019-04-14 poem rules
2019-04-20 directions to the beach
2019-04-24 here, taste this
2019-04-29 Shadow
2019-05-13 real poems
2019-05-28 randomized belongings
2019-06-08 she
2019-06-08 where poems come from
2019-10-09 maybe I’ll remember color
2019-10-13 the nature of air
2020-02-15 tangible
2020-09-10 the book of lies
2020-09-12 another day in Paradise
2020-10-08 being moon
2020-10-30 no promises
2020-11-02 trees in the forest
2020-11-07 Saving mother
2021-06-22 five noble truths
2021-07-25 Anatomies
2021-09-11 the best part of writing a poem
2022-04-19 the ten most things that want to speak

MOSAIC poems

2021-08-12 before light
2021-08-24 a journal of everything
2021-08-29 it happens like this
2021-09-03 feeding ground
2021-09-07 rhythm is the face inside the words
2021-09-24 autumn could be
2021-09-29 more
2021-10-06 nothing much
2022-06-13 plurals
2022-06-23 shadow
2022-07-04 impressions
2022-07-06 broken
2022-07-08 John